The accommodation is in a privileged location surrounded by typical Patagonian flora and fauna.

Located within the only Coastal Marine National Park, it allows you to tour the area and contemplate the varied fauna, both terrestrial and marine.

The Southern Patagonia Park is located on the northern coast of the San Jorge Gulf, between Cape Dos Bahias and Quintano Island, in the southeast of the province of Chubut.

Both the enchanting beaches and the incredible reserves can be visited privately or by means of different excursions offered in the area.

Historic Camarones

At the beginning of the 16th century, the Portuguese expeditionary in the service of the Spanish crown, Simao de Alcaçaba e Sotomaior, explored the Patagonian coast looking for the establishment of the governorship of Nueva León. This is how he disembarked on the coast of Camarones.

This is how, since 1890, navigators have been using the exceptional natural conditions of the bay to load and unload merchandise.

On the 10th of October 1900, 200 blocks of land were surveyed and the official foundation of the town took place.

Nearby beaches

Around Camarones there are different and varied beaches ideal for walks, bicycle rides or simply contemplation, in an environment of clean air and practically untouched nature, which makes the place unique.

The tour will show the different characteristics of each of the beaches, some protected from the wind, others where the sea hits energetically on the rocky cliffs, others with pebbles and others with sand.

Cape Dos Bahias

The Natural Protected Area, so-called because of its geographical feature, is a valuable natural attraction located 28 kilometres southwards from the container, along Provincial Route No. 1.

The magnificent landscape, which mutates in different and multiple tonalities, has the added value of the imposing sea with its rocky coast, whose contrasts impact both visually and the deep sounds that arise from there.

This area concentrates an important and magnificent colony of "Magellanic" penguins, besides the very diverse native fauna, in which we find sea lions, petrels, Patagonian foxes, guanaco and rhea, among many others.

This large colony of penguins occupies an area of 3 km long and 600 metres wide, lying on a beach of sand, clay and gravel. In this environment, the observer can appreciate the magnitude of creative nature as the area is a nesting site, with the consequent possibility of observing the rearing of the chicks and the routine and amusing task of the parents in procuring sustenance in the sea and their return to the nest.

Nautical Excursions from Camarones

Local operator:

  1. Toninas and Islas Blancas Sightseeing: sailing through the waters of the San Jorge Gulf towards Islas Blancas. When sailing in front of the island you will be able to observe colonies of sea lions, imperial cormorants and see a great diversity of sea birds - Magellanic penguins, steamer ducks, skuas, petrels, Antarctic pigeon among others.
  2. Sailing to Island & Lighthouse: Sailing to Leones Island. This year we embark from Arredondo Bay - located inside the Estancia El Sauce - in order to have an easier arrival without having to cross two bays and thus make the departure more frequently. Once on Leones Island, navigation through a cove where there is a large colony of sea lions. We disembark and start a walk towards the lighthouse - declared Cultural Heritage, brought from France. Then we sail towards the Caleta Hornos and disembark on a small beach for lunch - sheltered from the wind (it used to be very rare to sail through the Cape with the wild sea, nowadays thanks to the departure from Bahia Arredondo there will be regular departures on Wednesdays and Saturdays).                                                           
  3. Full Moon: This year we have added the moonrise from a privileged location. The experience begins with the last light of day sailing across the bay to arrive at a remote beach to enjoy the full moon, a natural spectacle that will thrill you. The moon crosses the horizon of the sea, large and luminous.

Bustamante Bay

Only 45 kilometres from the Container is the Estancia Bahía Bustamante, an old algae farm converted to tourism that offers the possibility of boat trips to see local fauna: sea lions, different birds and a small colony of Magellanic penguins, as well as the possibility of visiting a Petrified Forest.

Please note that this is a private establishment where you are not allowed to enter unless you are staying at the lodge.

Rewilding Patagonia Azul

Among the activities in the surrounding area - A tour of the Estancia El Sauce, getting to know the Rewilding Patagonia Azul project.

Tour through the Cañadón, Patagonian steppe, either by car, walking or cycling. On the coast of the sea, from the 360° viewpoint, you can see the islands Pan de Azur and Leones, the San Gregorio Lighthouse, see in the distance the old village of Puerto Melo, and travelling along the shore of Arredondo Bay you can learn about the internarium system, which dazzles with its different colours and the sighting of marine birds such as the steamer duck, skua, petrel, crested duck, among others. (it is necessary to hire a local guide to get to know them).